*参照元 [#x7e6e22b]

*説明 [#v8c635ae]
-パス: [[gcc-8.3/gcc/emit-rtl.c]]

-FIXME: これは何?

**引数 [#w741127f]

**返り値 [#y0c28908]

**参考 [#ae5e8cdc]


*実装 [#fb1d686d]
 /* After emitting to a sequence, restore previous saved state.
    To get the contents of the sequence just made, you must call
    `get_insns' *before* calling here.
    If the compiler might have deferred popping arguments while
    generating this sequence, and this sequence will not be immediately
    inserted into the instruction stream, use do_pending_stack_adjust
    before calling get_insns.  That will ensure that the deferred
    pops are inserted into this sequence, and not into some random
    location in the instruction stream.  See INHIBIT_DEFER_POP for more
    information about deferred popping of arguments.  */
 end_sequence (void)
   struct sequence_stack *tem = get_current_sequence ()->next;
   set_first_insn (tem->first);
   set_last_insn (tem->last);
   get_current_sequence ()->next = tem->next;

   memset (tem, 0, sizeof (*tem));
   tem->next = free_sequence_stack;
   free_sequence_stack = tem;

*コメント [#fd4e0fd3]

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